The University has received many bequests—gifts by will—from thoughtful people who wished to provide for the University through their estates. Their bequests were a continuation of the support they had provided all their lives, and the University is profoundly grateful for these gifts. With a bit of planning you can also leave a lasting impact on the University’s future.

You may make a gift of cash, securities, real estate, or other assets by providing in your will for a bequest to the University. Your gift may be a specific bequest of a designated sum or asset, or it may be a percentage of your residuary estate.

The Benefits of a Bequest

The value of your bequest to the University is fully deductible for tax purposes. You may also establish an income-producing planned gift for the benefit of others through your will, thereby reducing your taxable estate. A bequest, whether outright or to fund a planned gift, can be a useful and advantageous addition to your estate plan.

Communicate Your Wishes

If you have provided for the University in your estate plans but have not previously notified the University of your intentions, please contact the Office of Gift Planning at 866.241.9802 or Sharing your plans with us allows us to express our gratitude to you during your lifetime, ensures that your wishes will be met, and also assists the University’s long-term planning efforts.

Sample bequest language is also available to help you, your legal adviser, or your financial planner dictate your wishes.

Phoenix Society

To show our gratitude, all donors who support the University through a planned gift are invited to join the Phoenix Society and are recognized in an annual Honor Roll (unless anonymity is requested).

Please note: Information found on this page is intended to provide general information an is not intended as legal advice nor should be relied upon as such.
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