Board of Governors

The University of Chicago Alumni Board of Governors seeks to enhance the connectedness of the worldwide University of Chicago community by cultivating engagement through volunteerism, philanthropy, event attendance, and advocacy. The board also recognizes and celebrates alumni achievement and helps ensure that appropriate resources and programs exist to further enrich the overall alumni experience.

The board sets policy for the Alumni Association and advises the Board of Trustees and officers of the University on matters of interest and concern to University of Chicago alumni. The work of the board helps support the mission of the University.


Michael Peters, AB’90

New York, NY
Alumni Club of NY, Reunion, IF Sing, Delta Kappa Epsilon, ABG Externship Host

Christopher Darnell, AB’92

London, UK
Metcalf Reader, Career Advancement, Former ASC Chair, Former Alumni Club of Seattle President

Stephanie Endy, AM’95

New York, NY
Music Visiting Committee, Humanities Visiting Committee

Katharine Fultz Hollis, LAB’78, AB’82

Los Angeles, CA
Alumni Club of LA, ASC, Reunion, Volunteer Caucus

Amy M. Gardner, JD’02

Chicago, IL
Reunion, Alumni Club of Chicago, Law School Volunteer

Grazina (Chris) Keeley, AB’63, MAT’75, MBA’79

Chicago, IL
Reunion, Class Correspondent, Booth Admissions Volunteer, Chicago Women's Alliance

Max Leichtman, AB’99, MBA’07

Oak Lawn, IL
Reunion, Class Council, Chicago Society, Career Advancement, Booth Volunteer, Volunteer Caucus


Larry Berlin, AB’89, MBA’94

Chicago, IL
Alumni Club of Chicago, Reunion, Booth Volunteer, Taking the Next Step Volunteer, ABG Extern Host, Art History Visiting Committee, ASC

Herbert Caplan, AB’52, JD’57

Chicago, IL
Reunion, Law School Volunteer, Endowed Law School Caplan Award

Albert Chang, AB’93

Sunnyvale, CA
Reunion, Class Council, ASC, Alumni Club of San Francisco

Samuel Cohen Solal, AB’00

Paris, France
Alumni Club of Paris

Jinnie Cristerna, AM’99

Chicago, IL
SSA Alumni Board, Alumni Club of Chicago, Alumni Speaker

John Davey, LAB’56, AB’59, JD’62

Chicago, IL
Graduate Order of the C, Athletics Hall of Fame, Psi Upsilon, Reunion, Visiting Committee for Student Programs and Facilities

Mike Dodge, AB’93

Los Angeles, CA
Reunion, LA Club, LGBT Alumni

Robert Doroghazi, MD’77

Columbia, MO
Medical & Biological Sciences Alumni Association

Lawrence Gianinno, AM’79, PhD’99

Boston, MA
SSD Visiting Committee, Resident Head

Tasneem Goodman, AB’97, JD’02

Chicago, IL
Reunion, Metcalf Volunteer, UCPIP Volunteer, Law Women's Mentoring Program

Lauren Henry, AB’05

Pittsburgh, PA
ASC, Class Council, Reunion, Alumni Club of Pittsburgh President, Metcalf Volunteer

Gary Hoover, AB’73

Austin, TX
Former College Visiting Committee Member, Hoover House

Nina Huang, MBA’04

Pasadena, CA
Booth Alumni Club of LA, Booth Asia Advisory Cabinet, Business Forecast Volunteer

Karen Hyman, AB’82, AM’88

Champaign, IL
College Admissions Volunteer, Alumni Club of Baltimore, ASC, Reunion, Class Correspondent

Michael Ilagan, AB’88, MBA’92

Dallas, TX
Alumni Club of Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago Society, ASC

Rajesh Krishnan, MBA’01

San Francisco, CA
Booth Alumni Club of San Francisco, Booth Volunteer

Jennifer Lammers, AB’94

Boston, MA
Metcalf Volunteer, Alumni Career and Networking Committee, U-CAN

Greg Miarecki, AB’94, JD’97

Chicago, IL
IF Sing, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Chicago Society Board, Class Council

Helen Probst Mills, AB’86

Pinehurst, NC
Class Council, Reunion, ASC, College & Student Activities Visiting Committee, Alumni Club of North Carolina

Jeffrey Lee Schvimer, AB’79, MBA’86

Evanston, IL
Reunion, Student Alumni Committee Liaison

Katrina Vidal, AB’78

Houston, TX
Class Council, ASC, Reunion, Former College Visiting Committee Member

Matt Whitaker, MBA’95

Arlington, VA
Volunteer Caucus, Booth Alumni Club of DC, Alumni Club of DC, Booth Volunteer


Michael Peters, AB’90
Alumni Board of Governors

Alumni Awards 2014

The Alumni Association and the Alumni Board of Governors are proud to announce the 2014 alumni awardees.

Volunteer Caucus

Thank you to those who joined us for Regional Volunteer Caucus: San Francisco. Whether or not you attended, we encourage you to explore the materials shared.

ABG Externship Program

Are you interested in hosting a University of Chicago student extern? Learn more.