The future of the College depends on young alumni like you.

A high young alumni participation rate, year after year, sends a message to students, faculty, and the world that there is a broad base of support for the College, its traditions, and its educational mission.

For the past seven years, young alumni have made up more than half of all new donors to the University, leading the way for the College alumni community to reach record alumni participation rates.

But standing still won’t get us anywhere: it’s critical to keep this momentum going and make 2013–14 another record year. Your annual participation gift signals your dedication to the future of the University and the value you place on your UChicago education.

The 2004–13 class councils and Reunion committees have set this year’s goal at 3,853 donors by June 30, 2014.

Remember: it’s not how much you give; it’s that you give. Send your message of support by making your annual participation gift today


as of June 30, 2014



Regularly volunteering just a few hours of your time makes a huge impact.

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Magnify the impact of your gift by inspiring others to give. Share your class honor roll page today, and encourage your classmates to participate. The details of your gift and private information will not be shared.