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Harper Lectures

The Harper Lecture series is offered to the worldwide UChicago community by the University of Chicago Alumni Association. Named for the University's first president, William Rainey Harper, the series carries on his vision of broadly accessible and innovative education. You are invited to debate with renowned faculty, connect with former classmates, and network with fellow alumni, parents, and friends.

Great all around. Thanks for doing this. I'm proud to be a part of the University of Chicago.
North Carolina, September 12

Dean Mitchell gave a fabulous lecture! My mother and I enjoyed listening, and we will be discussing many of the topics in our conversations with family and friends!
Connecticut, September 29

It was a wonderful experience. Dr. Goldin-Meadow not only gave a terrific talk but she was friendly and engaging.
San Diego, September 29

The lecture was phenomenal--I'm only sad there wasn't more!
Chicago, October 3

Prof. Parks spoke of her research on a topic that is rarely discussed in academic circles--the effectiveness of organizing against a particular corporation and what strategies make the action effective. She is an engaging speaker, extremely knowledgeable, and represents the intellectual breadth and depth that UChicago is famous for.
Los Angeles, October 13

I had a class with Professor Mearsheimer and remembered how great he was. He did not disappoint.
Washington, DC, October 17

The topic area "big data" and its implications on society and business was of high interest to me. It was an excellent, informative talk that was very well delivered.
Boston, October 24

Excellent lecture and Q&A session. Please convey my appreciation to Dr. Ludwig for taking the time to speak on this matter and my wishes for his continued success.
Oak Park, October 24

Professor Nirenberg is terrific! He reminded me why I so enjoyed college many years ago. Current students are so blessed to have such stimulating, well-spoken professors with wry senses of humor!
San Francisco, October 24

Dr. Stein has been my favorite presenter so far (and I have seen many Harper Lectures). What a vision the man has, and he's totally accessible and engaging. I thought Professor Stein gave an extremely interesting, contemporary, and engaging lecture this year. It'd be great to see more from him or others like him.
Portland, November 3

Spring Lecture Locations

Atlanta, Georgia
Bangalore, India
Beijing, China
Boston, Massachusetts
Chicago, Illinois
Delhi, India
Denver, Colorado
Evanston, Illinois
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Houston, Texas
Istanbul, Turkey
Los Angeles, California
Mexico City, Mexico

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Morristown, New Jersey
Mumbai, India
New York, New York
Paris, France
San Francisco, California
Seattle, Washington
Shanghai, China
Tampa Bay, Florida
Tempe, Arizona
Toronto, Canada
Vancouver, Canada
Washington, DC

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Harper Lectures
harperlectures@uchicago.edu 773.702.7788

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