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Harper Lectures

Every year the University of Chicago Alumni Association hosts more than 40 Harper Lectures in cities around the globe, creating a space where intellectual curiosity meets alma mater camaraderie.

Named for the University’s first president, William Rainey Harper, the Harper Lecture series allows alumni and friends to continue learning from UChicago faculty presenting new breakthroughs, unique perspectives, and innovative research applications on a diverse range of topics.

The locations for the autumn 2014 lecture season are below. If your city is not listed or you cannot attend, you can watch full-length recorded lectures at your convenience on our YouTube station.

The lecture opened a window onto the world of Edwardian America. For a moment, the people of that time were alive for me. It was an engaging experience.
    Atlanta, April 10

I expect now to come away from all UChicago events as having learned something new and good.
    Beijing, May 24

I never thought I would enjoy this topic as much as I did. The lecture was fascinating!
    Boston, May 8

Every Harper Lecture has been enjoyable to me—have attended at least six.
Dr. Oster had a fun, natural presentation style that made the talk even more interesting.
    Chicago, April 10

Saying that the lecture ‘met expectations’ is a genuine compliment, because my expectations were so high. Professor Goldin-Meadow was personable, charming, easy to understand, tolerant of the vociferous audience and had fascinating information to share.
    Evanston, April 24

Lecturer [Emily Teeter] was very knowledgeable about the subject and presented it with much humor.
    Denver, February 20

Attending this engaging and stimulating lecture made me feel like a University student all over again, which I greatly enjoyed.
    Istanbul, April 8

Dean Small has a clear, innovative, logical approach to research. He presents his material in an interesting, upbeat way.
    Mexico City, April 10

I think Stacy is a great asset to the University, medical school, and UHI and is doing a remarkable job.
    New Jersey, April 27

Prof. Lindau was very human AND academic at the same time. I would love to have her as my doctor, my professor, or as a researcher in my neighborhood.
    New Jersey, April 27

Prof. Lindau’s work exemplifies how the University of Chicago can be a good neighbor and have a potentially positive impact on the larger city of Chicago and the University’s relationships with it.
    New Jersey, April 27

Allen Sanderson is always a crowd-pleaser. He is interesting, engaging, and always has insights into the latest economic or other issues.
    New York, April 10

David [Nirenberg] was a great presenter. He also made sure to talk to just about every alum during the reception and answered lots of questions after the talk ended as people were leaving the venue.
    Seattle, May 4

Extraordinary speaker, well organized, great group in attendance, convenience of time/location...just very well done.
Loved the opportunity to learn from engaged and thoughtful faculty/academic.
    Toronto, May 8

It was so exciting to see Professor Rosengarten lecture on a topic that is clearly so dear to him. It was a vibrant and energetic lecture; I've been taking about it to everyone who will listen. It reminded me of all the best parts of being a UChicago alum.
    Twin Cities, May 4

Dean Small presented already interesting research in such an engaging and careful manner that really made the talk very enjoyable.
    Washington, DC, April 24

Autumn Lecture Locations

Bangalore, India »

Friday, November 21
Mark Philip Bradley

Mumbai, India »

Wednesday, November 19
Mark Philip Bradley

Boston, Massachusetts »

Thursday, October 23
John Cacioppo

New Orleans, Louisiana »

CANCELED: Thursday, October 16
John Mark Hansen

Chapel Hill, North Carolina »

Thursday, September 11
Michael Dietler

New York, New York »

Wednesday, October 8
Jens Ludwig

Chicago, Illinois »

Wednesday, October 8
Virginia Parks

Oak Park, Illinois »

CANCELED: Thursday, October 23
Elisabeth S. Clemens, AM’85, PhD’90

Dallas, Texas »

CANCELED: Sunday, October 26
Jeffrey Grogger

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania »

Thursday, October 16
Niall Atkinson

Delhi, India »

Monday, November 24
Mark Philip Bradley

Portland, Oregon »

Sunday, November 2
Edward "Rocky" Kolb

Greenwich, Connecticut »

Sunday, September 28
Gil J. Stein

San Diego, California »

Sunday, September 28
Hillary Chute

London, England »

SOLD OUT: Thursday, October 23
Sian L. Beilock

San Francisco, California »

Thursday, October 23
Augusta Read Thomas

Los Angeles, California »

Sunday, October 12
Ethan Bueno de Mesquita, AB’96

São Paulo, Brazil »

Thursday, November 6
Colm O’Muircheartaigh

Miami, Florida »

Sunday, November 16
Ali Hortaçsu

Washington, DC »

Thursday, October 9
Evelyn Z. Brodkin

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Harper Lectures
harperlectures@uchicago.edu 773.702.7788

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