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Your gift—of any amount, to any designation—will provide much-needed support to the University, strengthening the community for future students, faculty, and researchers. Your participation is what makes the difference. You can add your name here to the 2015 Honor Roll list which will be live this fall.


The number next to each person's name represents the number of fiscal years that they have given.


A name in bold denotes a first-time donor (thanks!).


The UChicago fiscal year is July 1–June 30.  

This list is up to date as of June 30, 2014.



Class of 1983


David Scott Ackerman2
Victor Steven Adams20
Kenneth L. Aizawa21
John P. Amboian20
Ann Lee Amboian13
Mark D. Anema22
William Joseph Anthony5
Elizabeth Ruth Bakwin28
Misty L. Bastian15
Robert A. Behar8
Gregory Vonn Bell13
Robert Ari Berkowitz28
Lawrence Scott Berlin14
Barbara E. Biagas20
James B. Biery29
Erik Jon Bjornard18
David M. Blaszkowsky23
Rochelle Bobroff20
Robert J. Boland25
Michael Stephan Brandt26
Maureen Breen17
Scott William Brennan
Daniel Breslau10
Kevin E. Bright27
David B. Brooks13
Susan L. Brooks15
Terri Hamilton Brown11
Hang Thanh Bui11
Robert W. Cannon4
Neal Leonard Cannon6
Amy L. Carbone23
Paul J. Carbone24
Paul Clayton Carlisle28
John M. Carpenter12
Rosemary A. Caruk20
Jean-Pierre Robert Cavigelli13
Chi Ki Cheung3
Julia Cara Chill23
Julia Ellen Cissel24
Suzanne Schenkein Cooper21
L. Andrew Cooper20
Rebecca Dao Cornia4
James W. Curtin8
Raj Daryanani25
Mark David12
Daniel E. Davies22
David Dion DeGrazia7
Michael Joseph Dejanovich20
Victoria Jeanne DeRose14
Roni Dersovitz8
James Geoffrey Dix18
Jeremy M. Downes22
Wileen M. Dragovan14
Robert A. Eisthen5
Daniel Gordon Emberley24
William Jeffrey Factor14
Marybeth Fama9
Jeremy Ben Fein25
Andrew James Feraios3
Vincent Peter Ferrera16
Joanna Sears Flanagan7
Jacqueline Fleming14
James Robert Fowler20
Jerome V. Frazel27
William A. Freedman10
Franklin Douglas Friedman9
Lawrence James Furnstahl31
Susan V. Gatell3
Karen Elaine Geraghty4
Gregory M. Gochanour18
Joo Chuan Goh1
Victor Goldberg22
Victoria Lynn Goldfarb21
Margo Lynn Hablutzel3
Elizabeth F. Haselkorn17
David Lewis Haselkorn24
Stephen Eustace Haydon7
Richard H. Heyn18
Brian Jay Hieggelke6
John Hilgart30
Michael E. Honigsberg19
James T. Horkan17
Keith Andrew Horvath17
Sho-ann Hung3
David Andrew Hyman22
Jennifer Michele Javors20
Edith Loper Johns15
Brian Scott Johnson17
Douglas Scott Katzer28
Geoffrey Michael Keenan3

Ann Rogers Keniston17
Deirdre Casey Kerrigan10
Punita Khanna27
Jae Choi Kim17
Bruce Robert Kingma1
Andrew G. Klevorn13
R. David Knapp12
Arthur Lee Knight13
Donald Joseph Laackman22
Dayna K. Langfan19
Kenneth Larsen11
Martin Stephan Lazor7
William E. Levine5
D. Zaccai Lewis16
Eleanor Leyden3
Stephanie Helen Lipkowitz12
Aaron Michael Lisec11
Alice T. Lyon18
Andrew C. MacLachlan23
Mary Jeanne Manhardt5
Anne Marie Marbella8
Sonia Daryanani Marciano14
Mirjana Martich16
Heinrich J.G. Matthies4
David Andrew McArdle17
Mark McCoy8
James Patrick McIlree14
Suzanne Leigh Mernyk15
Robert Jerome Migliore7
Elizabeth M. Miller17
Theodosia Miller-Kummerfeld6
Erica Julie Mindes25
Harvey R. Mitchell31
Robin Norman Mitchell-Boyask20
Ronald I. Nagel19
Ann Lo Monaco Neal29
Minhhuyen Nguyen23
Timothy Fuller Nichols3
Brenda Nieb22
Timothy Michael Nolan13
Ruth O'Brien22
Michael Francis O'Connor4
Soon John Park2
Leslie Diane Perlman-Reiff7
Gary M. Piattoni11
Elizabeth Ella Puscheck11
Carol Everhart Quillen10
John David Rabin18
Spencer Rand21
Elizabeth Rand18
Jeffrey Thomas Randolph17
Margaret E. Randolph14
William Decker Rauch15
Mark Timothy Robinson15
Sara Diane Roos7
Joshua George Rosett17
Amy Rosenblatt Rosoff27
David Joseph Ross25
Christine Karen Runnion9
Lynn M. Sasamoto13
David S. Schaffer17
Diane L. Schirf12
Emily Jean Senay7
Kevin Michael Shalla22
Mary Ann Shallcross22
Beverlee Ellen Silva18
Peter C. Skarzynski20
Douglas David Skites5
Inga Paula Smulkstys18
Irene M. Stadnyk22
Gary David Strandlund*7
Joshua L. Straus22
Denise Merle Swanson11
Mark Allen Timmerman24
Jacqueline Veronique Tostado12
David Blair Toub9
David J. Tse9
Elyse Diane Robinson Turner5
Robert K. Twillman23
Vic Velanovich16
Evan R. Weiher2
Gregory Westin Wendt30
Susan Wilcoski12
John Mark Williams3
Marsha L.P. Woerner19
Wesley Wong5
George Robert Woodbury11
Darrell WuDunn17
Miyako Yoda24
Donald Alexander Ziff6


* Please note that gift processing takes several business days. If you recently made an online gift or sent a check by mail, we sincerely appreciate your support. Your name should appear on this list shortly. 

* - denotes that a donor is deceased. 

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