2017: Alumni Service Award

Sean Singleton, MBA’08

  • Director of Business Development and Marketing, Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx)

Burlingame, California

As President of the University of Chicago Military Affinity Group, Sean Singleton, MBA’08, has led efforts to foster awareness and institutional support for veterans across the University community, not only helping veterans in their academic and career paths, yet strengthening and diversifying the University at the same time. Sean’s leadership has exhibited both breadth and depth, providing a pathway for current students, recent alumni, and less-recent alumni to connect their military service to their education, which is critical in helping the University community understand the training and skillset of its students and veteran and other military-affiliated alumni. As a volunteer he has been instrumental in arranging events keynoted by prominent speakers, expanding the subject matter of Military Affinity Group initiatives, and extending the group’s geographic reach, particularly in the Bay Area where he lives.

Sean has also given his time and talent to the University of Chicago Booth School of Business as a judge for their Volunteer Leadership Program, presented a webinar for the Career Programs on "Navigating Career Transition for Military Personnel," and traveled to New York to sit on a panel during Volunteer Caucus.