2018: Alumni Service Medal

John McGinn, AB’90, MBA’93

  • Vice Chairman, The NPR Foundation

New York, New York

As a former member and president of the Alumni Board (2001–08), John McGinn has been among the most enthusiastic of volunteers at both the local alumni level and within the global alumni community. His innovation, dedication, and service to UChicago were apparent to fellow volunteers on the Alumni Board, and his efforts on the board culminated in his role as chair of the Joint Task Force on Alumni Relations. This task force laid the groundwork for the expansion of the University’s alumni relations efforts from 2008 to 2014 and inspired the current campaign engagement goal of 125,000 alumni. While serving on the Alumni Board, John cultivated budding talent regionally as well as on the board, pushing future leaders to take on big roles.

John has also volunteered in leadership roles with the Alumni Club of New York City and his College reunions, and he has interviewed prospective students as part of the Alumni Schools Committee and hosted College Admissions events key to recruiting and welcoming new students to UChicago. In all his roles, he has successfully inspired volunteerism in fellow alumni and built strong relationships within the alumni community.