2019: Professional Achievement Award

Jaime Chico Pardo, MBA’74

  • Founder and CEO, Grupo Enesa

Mexico City, Mexico

Jaime Chico holds a BA in industrial engineering from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

At the beginning of 2011 he started a new venture with the incorporation of Grupo Enesa, a private equity fund specializing in the energy and health care sectors. In 2006, he was appointed chairman of Telmex and cochairman of IDEAL, a publicly listed company in the business of investing and managing infrastructure assets in Latin America. He was vice chairman and CEO of Telmex, a position he held since 1995. Prior to joining Telmex he was chairman and CEO of Grupo Condumex; CEO of Euzkadi/General Tire of Mexico; and operating partner of the investment bank Fimbursa. Before joining Grupo Carso, he developed a career in international banking at Banamex and started an investment bank, IFI de México, in 1984.

Chico Pardo serves on the boards of Honeywell International and Grupo Bimbo. He is also a member of the Senior Advisory Council of BDT Capital Partners. He previously served on the board of directors of AT&T (2008–15) and of three mutual funds in the American Funds family (2011–13). Chico Pardo has been a council member of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business since 2012. He is also a member of TEC de Monterrey’s advisory board.