Matthew Whitaker, MBA’95

Arlington, Virginia

Clear Rock M&A Advisory Services

Owner and President
Intelligent Office of Alexandria

Matthew “Matt” Whitaker, MBA’95, joined the Alumni Board of Governors in 2013. His previous involvement with the University of Chicago focused on fostering alumni engagement in the Washington, DC, area. In addition to serving as the regional alumni club president for three years, he has hosted Alumni Board of Governors externs, and he was the 2013 Regional Volunteer Caucus chair, helping to plan and market the event along with managing the 15-person advisory committee.

In March 2002, Whitaker took over leadership of the Entrepreneur’s Advisory Group for Chicago Booth alumni in the DC region. He transformed the group, establishing a vibrant monthly discussion frequently attended by 40 to 50 alumni from all parts of the University community. He has advised alumni clubs in several other cities who wished to start similar groups. Whitaker received an Alumni Service Award in 2012 for his work integrating all alumni activities for wider participation, identifying new volunteer talent, and producing a diverse and vibrant set of alumni activities.

Whitaker is director at Clear Rock M&A Advisory Services, where he advises companies in the lower middle market. He is also the owner and president of Intelligent Office of Alexandria, which provides professional office and meeting space on demand and other virtual office services. He served four years as an officer in the US Navy. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BSE in mechanical engineering.