Rene Mora, PhD’88, MD’89

Boston, Massachusetts

Chief Scientific Officer
SVBLeerink, LLC

Following the completion of medical school at Pritzker School of Medicine, Dr. Rene Mora, PhD’88, MD’89, has been an exemplary volunteer. Mora was the founding member and first president of the New England Life Sciences Affinity Group and serves on the Medical and Biological Sciences Alumni Council and the Visiting Committee for the Biological Sciences Division. Outside of service to the University, Mora also serves with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts, A Better Education, the American Thoracic Society Foundation, and Little Compton Community Food Bank.

Beyond dedicating his time to volunteerism, Mora finds time to enjoy reading, music, wine appreciation, gardening, running, cycling, and swimming.

Mora currently works for LeerInk, combining his understanding of the intersections between science, medicine, and finance. He hopes to bring this experience to his service on the Alumni Board as he represents the Biological Sciences Division.