Jacob Dancer III, AB’89, AM’04

Chicago, Illinois

Program Manager

Jacob Dancer, AB’89, AM’04, is a licensed clinical social worker who has been working for UCAN since 1994. Dancer currently manages UCAN’s 360 Community Program in the Violence Intervention and Prevention Services Department. In this role Dancer develops and coordinates a range of mentoring, youth leadership, mental health, and family services through engagement and collaboration with North Lawndale community organizations and various departments of UCAN.

He actively works to address levels of violence and trauma in North Lawndale through supervising and administering a unit of assigned youth development coaches. The coaches direct, guide, and support youth on becoming more involved in out-of-school activities, such as counseling, employment, and recreation, and encourage youth to develop violence prevention skills (e.g., anger management, conflict resolution, life skills). Dancer also supervises and administers clinicians providing a wide range of therapeutic services to participants in community-based outpatient counseling settings.

He plays an integral role in establishing and maintaining beneficial partnerships with community organizations in order to facilitate learning and growth opportunities for youth at risk of being victims of and/or committing crimes. Dancer drives these opportunities through training North Lawndale social service agencies to help them become model trauma-informed agencies.