Margaret Mueller, AM’97

Chicago, Illinois


Margaret Mueller, AM’97, fell in love with the University of Chicago the moment she stepped on campus. Her time, first as a graduate student at large and then in the Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences (MAPSS), was transformational. While she went on to receive her PhD in sociology from the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill, the University of Chicago will always be her intellectual home.

Mueller is proudly advancing the legacy of the Chicago school of sociology as president of Shapiro+Raj, one of the top branding and marketing insights companies in North America, a firm (and industry) that found its birthplace in the social sciences at the University of Chicago. Margaret started out as a market research analyst and now advises senior business leaders across a range of industries. Prior to her role as company president, Mueller created and ran the pharmaceutical and health care division at Shapiro+Raj, formerly known as CarbonSix.

Mueller has continued to engage closely with the University overall and MAPSS specifically. As an industry expert, she has brought her expertise into the classroom as a guest lecturer about market research methods, and as an adviser and coach of students in the management labs at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

While she now operates in the world of business, she will always be a social scientist at heart. The contribution to the University of which she is most proud is serving as the founding Alumni Board president for MAPSS, which continues as a thriving alumni community to this day.