Prashant Dubey, AB’88, MBA’93

Portland, Oregon

President and CEO

Prashant Dubey’s (AB’88, MBA’93) connection with UChicago began 33 years ago when he resisted his parent’s suggestion that he apply to the College. His sister was a student at the University, and he wanted to carve his own path. However, once Dubey dug into the UChicago experience, he was hooked.

At the College, Dubey built a connection to UChicago that defines him to this day. He met his amazing wife of 25 years at UChicago—Sarah Geenen, AB’90. His sister graduated from the College and obtained her PhD in immunology from UChicago. His best friends are his classmates from UChicago. And Dubey continued his academic journey by attending what is now known as the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, graduating in 1993.

When Dubey moved to Portland, Oregon, he discovered that the UChicago alumni community was not only small but also dispersed throughout the state. Over the past 10 years, he has explored ways to engage the Oregon alumni network through his role as the Alumni Schools Committee chair for Oregon. He is constantly amazed and humbled by the dedication of alumni to the interview process and by the talented applicants to the College.

It is through this experience that Dubey realized that the common bond among UChicago students, alumni, faculty, and even aspirants runs deeper than common courses taken and late night memories of sojourns to Harold’s. As such, he is on a quest to define the elements of these bonds so that they can be leveraged by the University to further engage and inspire alumni. It is this quest that motivates Dubey to serve UChicago in his role on the Alumni Board. He calls this #maroonquest.

Professionally Dubey is a serial entrepreneur and is currently president and CEO of Sumati, a leading technology company serving the legal industry.