Sheldon Levy, AB'09

New York, New York

Associate Director, WHERE Group | Horizon Media Inc.

Sheldon Levy began his volunteer efforts early in his college career: starting with an open house on Columbus Day of his first year, Levy committed himself to making sure he did his part to show the UChicago he wanted the world to see. His early experiences volunteering in the admissions office put him on a path of continued service. He continued to volunteer at the admissions office throughout his undergrad years and has continued that service through the Alumni Schools Committee.

After graduating, Levy became a member of the Alumni Club of New York City. Over his years of service to the club, he served a term as volunteer chair, where he established several recurring open house events to introduce new members of the organization to the various opportunities to get involved with the Alumni Association. He then served two terms as the club’s vice president, during which he served on the organizing committees of several Volunteer Caucus events and as the regional cochair for the Volunteer Caucus in New York City in 2015. More than 200 attendees made this event the most-attended event in the series. He has served on his reunion committees for both his 5th- and 10th-year celebrations.

Levy continues to be an advocate for inclusion and participation in the Alumni community and enjoys encouraging alumni of all stripes to get off the sidelines, get out of the stands, and get involved! We all know that financial contributions go a long way to furthering UChicago’s mission, but he implores our organization to always remember this: the most valuable contribution from alumni is their time—it is precious, and he is grateful to every volunteer he’s interacted with for donating such a valuable resource. Levy is committed to continuing his advocacy for our community and our alma mater for years to come.