The Alumni Board is the advisory board to the University’s Alumni Association, and its mission is to enhance the connectedness of the worldwide University of Chicago community. Its members serve as ambassadors to their communities and encourage engagement through volunteerism, philanthropy, event attendance, and advocacy.

The Alumni Board also recognizes and celebrates alumni achievement, and it helps ensure that appropriate resources and programs exist to further enrich the UChicago alumni experience. As an advisory board to University officers and the Board of Trustees on UChicago alumni interests, the Board sets policy for the Alumni Association.

In 2016, the Board revised its bylaws and membership with the goal of better representing all parts of the University community.  Annually, the Board will solicit nominees from the alumni population to be considered for Board membership. Eight seats on the Board will be at-large seats not tied to an academic unit. Additionally, to ensure representation from each academic unit, the deans and directors will each submit a list of nominees from which the Board will select at least one member from each school or division.  Nominees solicited from the alumni population will be shared with the respective academic units to be considered for nomination by the deans and directors.

Alumni Board Goals

  • Serve as the voice of alumni both on behalf of the Alumni Association and the alumni community
  • Promote the mission and offerings of the Alumni Association to the University community
  • Build and develop the alumni volunteer pipeline
  • Recognize alumni achievements and alumni service and deepen the engagement of these leaders with the University
  • Create consistency and accountability among University alumni clubs and groups

Alumni Board Membership

  • Made up of 20-30 members during any given year
  • Members serve a two-year term with a “mutual option” for a second term with nominating committee approval
  • Executive committee of the board includes a president and two vice presidents
  • Composition of the board ideally reflects the diversity of University alumni with respect to ethnicity, age, gender, geographic location, and degree(s) received