See answers to frequently asked questions below. Can’t find the information you need? Contact the Alumni Association at 800.955.0065 or for Program Support and for Tech Support.

About the Alumni Association
About the Online Community

About the Alumni Association

Who is a member of the Alumni Association?

If you earned a degree from the University of Chicago, you are a member for life. There are no dues to pay. The only thing you need to do is keep your contact information current.

If you took courses toward a degree at the University but did not graduate, you can file for status as an “EX” to access Alumni Association benefits, including invitations to regional events, five-year reunions, the University of Chicago Magazine, study trips, volunteer opportunities, and much more.

How do I file for status as an “EX”?

Visit the registrar’s website, call the registrar at 773.702.7881, or fax your request to 773.702.3562.

How can I get in touch with another University alumna/us?

Search the the Alumni Directory to find your friends. You can also call the Alumni Association to get the information. The Alumni Association will not release information to nonalumni, but they will forward letters sent to the person in care of the Association.

I've moved. How do I let the University know my new address?

Simply update your contact information in your profile in the UChicago Community Online (UCCO) Alumni Directory. You can also write, phone, fax, or email your change of address to the Alumni Association. Updates to your information may take up to two weeks to be reflected in University records.

How do I get my transcript sent?

Visit the registrar’s website, call the registrar at 773.702.7881, or fax your request to 773.702.3562.

Where can I find contact information for a University department or service?

Please check the University’s directory. If you can’t find the information you need there, please call 773.702.1234.

About the Online Community

How do I access the UChicago Community Online (UCCO)?

Click here to claim or access your UChicago Community Online (UCCO) account.

What is UCCO and what resources can I find there?

The UChicago Community Online (UCCO) helps you stay connected with the University through regional clubs, affinity groups, and volunteer networks. UCCO resources include:

  • Alumni Directory
  • Club and group listings
  • Events
  • Forums
Can anyone access the Alumni Directory?

Access to the Alumni Directory is open to University of Chicago alumni, students, and faculty.

How do I set up email forwarding with my address?

Email forwarding is managed through your CNetID, not UCCO. Click here to claim your CNetID and manage your email forwarding accounts.