Presentation of the University of Chicago Medal Honoring David Booth, MBA’71

On Wednesday, November 7, 2018, the University of Chicago Medal was awarded to David Booth, MBA’71. Booth and his family celebrated with members of the Harper Society’s Founders Circle, trustees, deans, officers, and other University leaders.
David Booth, MBA’71
In 2008 David Booth made a landmark gift of $300 million to what was then called the Graduate School of Business. When the gift was announced, Booth said the school had done great things in the past, and he wanted to give it the means to do great things in the future. Since then the school has lived up to that challenge. In recognition of Booth’s transformative commitment, trustees voted to rename the school the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Booth’s ties to the University remain strong nearly half a century after he graduated. In addition to serving on the University’s Board of Trustees, he is a life member of the Council on Chicago Booth and a member of the Board of Overseers of the University’s Becker Friedman Institute for Economics.

University Medal History
The University of Chicago Medal was established in 1976 by President John T. Wilson and is awarded by the Board of Trustees. It recognizes distinguished service of the highest order to the University by an individual or couple. Since its creation, it has been awarded to 23 individuals.

  • David Booth, MBA’71 (2018)
  • Dennis, MBA’68, and Connie Keller (2015)
  • Joseph Neubauer, MBA’65, and Jeanette Lerman-Neubauer (2013)
  • Joan, AM’55, and Robert, LAB’46, EX’50, Feitler (2011)
  • J. Parker Hall III, EX’54, and Julie Hall (2008)
  • Gwen and Jules F. Knapp (2007)
  • Edgar D. Jannotta (2006)
  • Gerald Ratner, PhB’35, JD’37 (2005)
  • Marion M. Lloyd (2004)
  • Lindy Bergman, LAB’35, AB’39 (1996)
  • Max Palevsky, PhB’48, SB’48 (1996)
  • William B. Graham, SB’32, JD’36 (1992)
  • Irving B. Harris (1992)
  • Gaylord Donnelley (1991)
  • Joseph Regenstein Jr. (1991)
  • John U. Nef Jr., LAB 1916, EX 1917 (1980)
  • Florence Lowden Miller (1976)
  • Helen A. Regenstein (1976)