Congrats. You’ve found the easiest—and niftiest—way to reach out to old friends, roommates, study buddies, Scav teammates, lab partners, even that kid from Human Being and Citizen.

If there’s someone you haven’t talked to or heard from in a while, just give us some info—including the greeting you want to send—and we’ll reverse engineer it into an honest-to-goodness postcard of your choice. And yes: the stamp’s on us.

You’re a valuable resource to your fellow alumni (and vice versa). UChicagoans are smart, but we’re even smarter together. That’s why engaging 125,000 alumni—keeping you and other grads connected to one another and the University—is a goal of the University of Chicago Campaign: Inquiry and Impact.

These are real, analog postcards. So supplies are limited. Which means act now.

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