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Follow the passage of Lewis and Clark's fabled expedition to the Pacific coast as you journey through a geological masterpiece of astounding landscapes.

From verdant forests and magnificent mountains to breathtaking gorges and sparkling waterfalls, experience the natural majesty of the Pacific Northwest while cruising the Columbia and Snake Rivers aboard the American Empress, the largest and most elegant riverboat west of the Mississippi.

Begin by taking in Spokane, Washington's beautiful parks and world-class museums. Embark on your river cruise in Clarkston, Washington, where rich Native American culture springs to life at the nearby Nez Perce National Historical Park. Follow the footsteps of Lewis and Clark and their legendary Shoshone guide to Sacajawea State Park, then delve into unique pioneer history at The Dalles–the end of the Oregon Trail. Visit the Bonneville Dam, a monument to human ingenuity, and revel in the small-town charms of the oldest city west of the Rockies–Astoria–before your voyage concludes in the City of Roses, Portland.

Trip Scholar

Jill Mateo

Jill Mateo is an associate professor in the Department of Comparative Human Development, the Institute for Mind and Biology, and the Committee on Evolutionary Biology at the University of Chicago. Mateo received her doctorate in biopsychology from the University of Michigan, and she was a postdoctoral scholar at Cornell University. Mateo’s research focuses on the development of adaptive behaviors. She has studied the mechanisms of two functional behaviors: learning and antipredator strategies (especially the role of stress on acquisition and modification of these behaviors) and recognition of kin (including the genetics of mate choice and the “armpit effect”).