Take in a fascinating weeklong seminar focusing on the momentous history of Russia's second city, St. Petersburg.

A cultural capital, St. Petersburg is filled with world-class museums, renowned theaters, and beautifully preserved baroque and neoclassical buildings lining winding canals. Expert lecturers bring to life six core educational themes followed by pertinent site visits. A study of Russian literature includes a walking tour of the sites described by Dostoevsky's classic novels. A day touring Russian dachas concludes at a traditional Russian dinner with a local family in their private dacha. Themes such as architectural preservation of the city and its suburbs, the women's age in Russia, Peter the Great, the Russian Revolution and the siege, and Russian ballet and theatre will offer participants a deep background on the culture, art, history and spirit of visionary St. Petersburg.

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Trip Scholar

Lenore Grenoble

Lenore Grenoble is the John Matthews Manly Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Linguistics and Humanities Collegiate Division and previously served as cochair and chair of the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures. Prior to her appointment at the University of Chicago, she was on the faculty at Dartmouth College from 1986 to 2007.

Grenoble majored in Russian as an undergraduate at Cornell University and received her MA and PhD in Slavic linguistics at University of California, Berkeley. Her research focuses on language contact and language loss, with special emphasis on contact between Russian and the indigenous languages of Eurasia. She has traveled extensively throughout these regions, most recently conducting fieldwork in Greenland and Eastern Siberia. She has authored and coauthored several books on the subject of Russian, endangered languages, and language documentation and has collaborated on a descriptive grammar of the indigenous Siberian language Evenki. In 2014 she spent three months in St. Petersburg at the Institute for Linguistic Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences researching a book on the spread of Russian in the former Soviet Union.