Cruise along the coastline of the eastern Mediterranean and explore the historic cities and ancient ruins of five culturally distinct countries.


  • In Greece, witness the eclectic wealth of impressive architecture and famed historic sites in Athens and Rhodes.
  • Explore the Temple of Artemis—one of the remaining Seven Wonders of the Ancient World—and the legendary ruins of the city of Ephesus, Turkey.
  • Wander through the walled medieval city of Kotor, Montenegro, featuring narrow streets, Venetian architecture, and the 12th-century St. Tryphon Cathedral.
  • Admire the Romanesque architecture, majestic churches, fine museums, and seaside promenades of Zadar, Croatia.
  • Take in the timeless glory of Venice’s marble palaces, piazzas, trattorias, and charming old shops.

Itinerary at a Glance

October 15 Depart for Greece
October 16 Arrive in Athens | Embark Marina
October 17 Rhodes, Greece
October 18 Kuşadasi/Ephesus, Turkey
October 19 Santorini, Greece
October 20 Katakolon, Greece
October 21 Corfu, Greece
October 22 Kotor, Montenegro
October 23 Zadar, Croatia
October 24 Venice, Italy
October 25 Disembarkation | Depart Venice

Optional Extensions:

Pre-cruise: Athens

Trip Scholar

Kendall Sharp, AB’91, PhD’06

Kendall Sharp, AB’91, PhD’06, is an instructor in the Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults in the Graham School and a devotee of the Great Books, especially Plato. As an undergraduate he majored in tutorial studies under Herman Sinaiko, AB’47, PhD’61. He loved it so much that he stayed for a doctorate from the Committee on Social Thought, where he pursued a liberal education at the graduate level. His research and publishing focus on Plato’s dialogues as literary expressions of the philosophical life. His teaching has included Greek and Latin language, classics in translation, and both classical mythology and ancient Greek science. A native of Arkansas, he spent several years as assistant professor of classical studies at the University of Western Ontario before returning to his adopted homeland of Hyde Park.