1. I’m not a UChicago alumna/us—can I sign up?
    1. Yes—and bring your friends! We welcome all UChicago alumni, families, parents, friends, and anyone interested in educational travel to join our trips.
  2. What is a trip scholar?
    1. A trip scholar is the featured lecturer for the trip, typically a UChicago faculty member, whose research and expertise provide a unique understanding of the locations and/or topics explored in the program. A trip scholar accompanies most of our trips and will give two or three lectures during a trip that are specifically tailored to the trip’s activities. Advertised trip scholars are subject to availability and may be contingent on a minimum number of travelers; therefore, their participation cannot be guaranteed.

      In the event of a cancellation by the trip scholar, we will attempt to notify all travelers as soon as possible. We will make every reasonable effort to find a replacement trip scholar, but our ability to do so will depend on the availability of appropriate lecturers and proximity to the departure date. Please note that all participants are bound to the cancellation fee schedule and other terms and conditions of the program regardless of whether or not a replacement trip scholar is found.
  3. How does UChicago Alumni Travel partner with tour operators?
    1. Our trips are created and managed by tour operators who specialize in alumni travel. The tour operators handle the logistical aspects of the tour itineraries and take all registrations and payments. UChicago Alumni Travel works with our partners to select trips that meet the highest standards and coordinates with trip scholars to provide a unique educational experience for our travelers.
  4. When will you offer a trip to X?
    1. We offer a variety of trips—based on destination, features, price, and other factors—in order to appeal to our diverse alumni community. We often repeat successful trips; however, we do not typically offer the same trip two years in a row. If you do not see your desired destination in our current schedule of trips, please send us an email at alumnitravel@uchicago.edu—we welcome your suggestions.
  5. Whom should I contact about travel insurance?
    1. We strongly recommend that you are adequately insured against trip cancellation and other travel-related risks. UChicago Alumni Travel partners with Meyer & Associates to provide travel insurance options to our participants. After making a reservation for a trip, you will receive insurance information with your confirmation materials. If you have any questions about travel insurance, please contact Meyer & Associates directly at 800.635.7801.
  6. Are single accommodations available? What is the difference in price?
    1. There are a limited number of single accommodation spaces available on most trips. Trip prices are based on double occupancy, and single travelers will incur an additional fee to cover the cost of the open space. Please note that the single supplement for a cruise is generally much higher than a land trip, since a substantial portion of the total trip cost is the ship cabin. Most tour operators will try to honor requests for roommates, but there is no guarantee that one will be available.
  7. How much walking is there?
    1. The level of physical activity varies by location and type of trip (e.g., land or cruise). In general, travelers must be in good physical health in order to participate, but some accommodations can be made for minor health issues. Please refer to each trip brochure for details about the itinerary and its physical demands. Questions about accessibility are best directed to the tour operator.
  8. How many people are in a group?
    1. There are usually between 15 and 40 UChicago travelers on our trips. On some trips there will also be travelers from other institutions or organizations. Trips designated as a UChicago exclusive departure will not have other travelers.
  9. Are there age limits?
    1. There is no maximum age limit for travelers in good health. While we welcome any travelers over the age of 15, it should be noted that our trips are designed for an adult UChicago audience.
  10. How do I sign up for your mailing list?
    1. Complete our information request form.