Your partnership as a donor powers every aspect of education and research at the University of Chicago, from internships and financial aid to research and faculty support. Make a gift to support students and faculty while advancing your philanthropic goals.

Every gift makes a difference, and every donor is unique. Explore the many ways to support the University to find the best fit for your giving priorities and your financial situation.

University Philanthropic Societies

University of Chicago donors are part of a lively, distinguished community—one that is actively celebrated and rewarded. The University honors generous and loyal donors at all levels through philanthropic societies that provide customized communication programs, special invitations, honor rolls, and other courtesies.

Which society is right for you? Whether you participate every year, make a transformative gift, or include the University in your estate, there’s a place for you in the University’s donor community.

Chicago Society

For donors who contribute a total of $2,500 or more annually.

Maroon Loyalty Society

For donors who give to UChicago every year.

Phoenix Society

For donors who make estate commitments or life-income arrangements.

Harper Society

For donors whose cumulative support totals $500,000 or more.

Odyssey Scholarship Society

For donors who make an annual gift of $25,000 or more to the University of Chicago’s Odyssey Scholarship Program.