The 2018 College Honor Roll of Donors recognizes donors who have made a gift since the start of the fiscal year on July 1, 2017, and is current for gifts through August 28, 2017. If you feel your name is missing from this list in error, please let us know. If you have not given yet and would like to see your name on the list, you can make a gift today and join the many alumni who make giving to UChicago an annual priority.

Membership in the Chicago, Harper, Maroon, Phoenix, and Odyssey Societies is indicated with a capital letter beside a donor's name. For more about these societies, use the sidebar navigation or visit the philanthropic societies main webpage.

2018 Honor Roll

Class of 2003

  • Bryan Thomas Alexander14 M
  • Megan K. Applewhite11 M
  • Anne Elizabeth Aydinian Perry15 M
  • Mark Bala11 M
  • Clinton Sharpe Bowie12
  • Justin Joseph Cassidy12 M
  • Esther Eun-He Chae8 M
  • Jeremy Wai-Ting Choy3 M
  • Rebecca Egan16 M
  • Elizabeth Olga Fagan5
  • Susan Ruth Ferrari5 M
  • Nels Frye13 M
  • Robert Donald Gilmor6 M
  • Tal Gross12 M
  • Alan Craig Hutchison10 C M
  • Charlie H. Kim9 M
  • Andrew Edward Kirst3
  • Laura Elizabeth Koepke9 M
  • Vivian Lee12 M
  • Michael James Liberty11
  • Frances B. Lim10
  • Jonathan Lung15 M
  • Michael Francis McGowan13 C M
  • Christopher Yves Olivola13 M
  • Jonathan Matthew Pantaleoni5 M
  • Patrick Richards14 M
  • Sydney Schwartz Gross15 M
  • Jay Christian Stiffler5 M
  • Benjamin Earl Tegel5 M
  • Benjamin D. Traster12 M
  • Patrick Brian White13 M
  • Mark Joseph Winebrenner5
  • Christopher Xin Xu9 M

Number next to name indicates the number of years of giving, bold indicates first time donor to the university, * indicates donor is deceased.