Events are at the core of all UChicago Alumni Clubs and Affinity Groups. Successful events—no matter the size—engage regional alumni and reconnect them with UChicago. These resources will help you develop, plan, and execute club/group events.


Best Practices

Submit an Event to Be Published Online

Best Practices

Run the Event

Financial Resources

  • Budget worksheet Excel
  • Event vendor forms: In order for the University to pay a vendor by check, the volunteer must have the vendor complete W-9 and Certification of Consultant and Independent Contractor Questionnaire and return them to the staff liaison.
  • W-9 Form
  • Consultant and Independent Contractor Questionnaire
  • Tax-exempt forms: Volunteers are responsible for downloading their state’s exemption form, having it completed by the vendor, and returning the completed form to the staff liaison. If a state form is not found in the folder, the University is not tax exempt in that state.