The 2018 Alumni Board membership nomination process is now open.

Submit a nomination form and supporting letters by November 1, 2017.

Thank you for your interest in the University of Chicago Alumni Board. As the advisory board to the University’s Alumni Association, the Alumni Board seeks candidates who are proven leaders, have demonstrated service to the UChicago alumni population, are experienced in working in a collaborative environment, and are committed to serving as UChicago ambassadors in their communities.

Please read below for more details about the nomination process. Nominations for the 2018 Alumni Board are due November 1, 2017.

Submitting a Nomination

  • Fill out and submit the official new member nomination form online.
  • Secure two or more additional letters of support. Letters should provide further detail on the candidate’s leadership, commitment to the University of Chicago, and ability to collaborate and may be provided by University staff, fellow alumni, or peers. Supporters may complete the online form, send in a letter separately, or have the original nominators upload documents with their submission.
  • Self-nominations are accepted.

Candidate Eligibility

  • Must have matriculated at the University and earned credit toward one of its degree programs.
  • Must commit to attending meetings in person twice a year in Chicago and to participating on committees and full board calls throughout the year.
  • Should have a history of leadership, service to the University, and the ability to collaborate and think strategically.
  • Should be willing to serve as an enthusiastic ambassador for the University in their communities.
  • Should philanthropically support the University at any level annually
  • May be from any geographic location or degree unit.
  • Cannot have previously served two full two-year terms on the Alumni Board.


Please do not inform candidates that they are under consideration, since only a limited number of new members are chosen each year from among many talented individuals. All deliberations are kept confidential.

About the Alumni Board

  • The board consists of 20 to 30 members with approximately four to six new members joining each year.
  • The board serves as ambassadors of the Alumni Association and advises the Alumni Association and University leadership on matters of interest to the UChicago community.
  • Members serve a two-year term, which begins on July 1, with a mutual option for a second two-year term.
  • New members and nominators will be notified of board selections in the spring.

Learn more about the current Alumni Board members.