University of Chicago alumni, equipped with the skills to think critically and creatively, have made many contributions to their fields and to society.

Although it’s difficult to capture all alumni who merit recognition, the Alumni Association does its best to maintain a listing that represents the myriad accomplishments of UChicago alumni and the many ways in which they have helped to shape our world.

Honors & Recognition

National Medals


Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes in Chemistry
2019John B. Goodenough, SM'50, PhD'52
2004Irwin Rose, SB'48, PhD'52
1995F. Sherwood Rowland, SM'51, PhD'52
1979Herbert C. Brown, SB'36, PhD'38
1966Robert Mulliken, PhD'21


Nobel Prize in Literature
1976Saul Bellow, EX’39


Nobel Prizes in Physics
2009George E. Smith, SM’56, PhD’59
2004Frank Wilczek, SB’70
1998Daniel C. Tsui, SM’63, PhD’67
1990Jerome Isaac Friedman, AB’50, SM’53, PhD’56
1988Jack Steinberger, SB’42, PhD’49
1980James W. Cronin, SM’53, PhD’55
1968Luis Alvarez, SB’32, SM’34, PhD’36
1959Owen Chamberlain, PhD’49
1957Chen Ning Yang, PhD’48
Tsung-Dao Lee, PhD’50
1939Ernest Orlando Lawrence, EX’23
1937Clinton Davisson, SB 1908


Nobel Prizes in Physiology or Medicine
1981Roger Sperry, PhD’41
1962James Dewey Watson, PhB’46, SB’47
1958Edward Lawrie Tatum, LAB’26, EX’31


Sveriges Riksbank Prizes in Economic Sciences
2018Paul Romer, SB’77, PhD’83
2017Richard H. Thaler
2013Eugene F. Fama, MBA’63, PhD’64
1997Myron Scholes, MBA’64, PhD’70
1995Robert E. Lucas Jr., AB’59, PhD’64
1992Gary S. Becker, AM’53, PhD’55
1990Harry M. Markowitz, PhB’47, AM’50, PhD’55
1986James M. Buchanan Jr., PhD’48
1982George J. Stigler, PhD’38
1980Lawrence R. Klein, LAB’47, EX’51
1978Herbert A. Simon, AB’36, PhD’43
1976Milton Friedman, AM’33
1970Paul A. Samuelson, AB’35


Pulitzer Prizes

Pulitzer Prizes in Biography or Autobiography
1998Katharine Graham, AB’38 (Personal History)
1990Sebastian de Grazia, AB’44, PhD’48 (Machiavelli in Hell)


Pulitzer Prizes for Commentary
2013Bret Stephens, AB’95 (Wall Street Journal)
1973David S. Broder, AB’47, AM’51 (Washington Post)


Pulitzer Prize for Criticism
1975Roger Ebert, EX’70 (Chicago Sun-Times)


Pulitzer Prize for Drama
2001David Auburn, AB’91 (Proof)


Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing
1999Michael Aronson, AB’85 (New York Daily News)


Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Journalism
1988Daniel Hertzberg, AB’68 (Wall Street Journal)


Pulitzer Prizes for Fiction
1998Philip Roth, AM’55 (American Pastoral)
1976Saul Bellow, EX’39 (Humboldt's Gift)


Pulitzer Prizes for General Nonfiction
1985Studs Terkel, PhB’32, JD’34 (The Good War)
1978Carl Sagan, AB’54, SB’55, SM’56, PhD’60 (The Dragons of Eden)


Pulitzer Prize for History
2003Rick Atkinson, AM’75 (An Army at Dawn)


Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting
1970Seymour Hersh, AB’58 (Dispatch News Service)


Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting
1982Rick Atkinson, AM’75 (Kansas City Times)


Pulitzer Prize for Public Service Journalism
2010Daniel Gilbert, AB’05 (Bristol Herald Courier)


Pulitzer Prize for Poetry
2017Tyehimba Jess, AB’91 (Olio)


John Bates Clark Medals

1997Kevin M. Murphy, AM’81, PhD’84
1987Sanford J. Grossman, AB’73, AM’74, PhD’75
1969Marc Leon Nerlove, LAB’49, AB’52
1967Gary S. Becker, AM’53, PhD’55
1965Zvi Griliches, AM’55, PhD’57
1951Milton Friedman, AM’33
1947Paul A. Samuelson, AB’35


MacArthur Fellows

2018Rebecca Sandefur, AM’97, PhD’01
2017Rami Nashashibi, AM'98, PhD'11
2014Jonathan Rapping, AB’88
2013Colin Camerer, MBA’79, PhD’81
2008Andrea Ghez, LAB’83
2005Kevin M. Murphy, AM’81, PhD’84
2003Guillermo Algaze, AM’79, PhD’86
Deborah Jin, SM’92, PhD’95
Sarah Kagan, AB’84
2000Erik Winfree, SB’91
1999Campbell McGrath, AB’84
1997Loic Wacquant, AM’86, PhD’94
1996Allan Bérubé, EX’68
1993Henry Tutwiler Wright, AM’65, PhD’67
Stephen Lee, PhD’86
1989Vivian Gussin Paley, PhB’47
1987Robert Axelrod, AB’64
1984Bette Howland, AB’55
1983Stephen Lee, PhD’85
1982Frank Wilczek, SB’70
Francesca Rochberg, PhD'80
1981Michael Woodford, AB’77
Richard Rorty, AB’49, AM’52
Robert W. Kates, AM’60, PhD’62


Fields Medals

1970John Griggs Thompson, SM’56, PhD’59
1966Paul Joseph Cohen, SM’54, PhD’58


National Book Awards

2000Susan Sontag, AB’51 (In America)
1995Philip Roth, AM’55 (Sabbath's Theater)
1960Philip Roth, AM’55 (Goodbye, Columbus)
1954Saul Bellow, EX’39 (The Adventures of Augie March)


History and Biography (Nonfiction)
1964William H. McNeill, LAB’34, AB’38, AM’39 (The Rise of the West)


Philosophy & Religion
1972Martin E. Marty, PhD’56 (Righteous Empire: The Protestant Experience in America)


1996Hayden Carruth, AM’47 (Scrambled Eggs & Whiskey: Poems, 1991–1995)


Academy Awards

1983Lisa Fruchtman, AB’70 (Best Film Editing, The Right Stuff)
1968Mike Nichols, EX’53 (Best Director, The Graduate)
1948Celeste Holm, EX’34 (Best Supporting Actress, Gentleman's Agreement)


Emmy Awards

2017W. Kamau Bell, LAB’90 (Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program, United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell)
2008Julie Patel, AB’00 (New Approaches to News & Documentary Programming, Uprooted)
2004Mike Nichols, EX’53 (Outstanding Directing for a Limited Series, Movie, or Dramatic Special, Angels in America)
2001Mike Nichols, EX’53 (Outstanding Directing for a Limited Series, Movie, or Dramatic Special, Wit)
1980Ed Asner, EX’48 (Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Lou Grant)
1978Ed Asner, EX’48 (Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Lou Grant)
1977Ed Asner, EX’48 (Outstanding Single Perfomance by a Supporting Actor in a Comedy or Drama Series, Roots)
1976Ed Asner, EX’48 (Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series, Rich Man, Poor Man)
1974Will Geer, SB’24 (Outstanding Continuing Performance by a Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, The Waltons)


Grammy Awards

2009Kurt Elling, EX’92 (Best Jazz Vocal Album, Dedicated to You: Kurt Elling Sings the Music of Coltrane and Hartman)
1996Richard D. Freed, PhB’47 (Best Historical Album, The Heifetz Collection)
1961Mike Nichols, EX’53 (Best Comedy Album, An Evening with Mike Nichols and Elaine May)


Tony Awards

2012Mike Nichols, EX’53 (Best Direction of a Play, Death of a Salesman)
2005Mike Nichols, EX’53 (Best Direction of a Musical, Spamalot)
2002Mark Hollmann, AB’85 (Original Score [Music, Lyrics], Urinetown: The Musical)
2002Greg Kotis, AB’88 (Original Score [Lyrics]; Book of a Musical, Urinetown: The Musical)
2001David Auburn, AB’91 (Best Play, Proof)
1984Mike Nichols, EX’53 (Best Direction of a Play, The Real Thing)
1979Bernard Pomerance, AB’62 (Best Play, The Elephant Man)
1972Mike Nichols, EX’53 (Best Direction of a Play, The Prisoner of Second Avenue)
1970Fritz Weaver, EX’51 (Best Lead Actor in a Play, Child's Play)
1968Mike Nichols, EX’53 (Best Direction of a Play, Plaza Suite)
1965Mike Nichols, EX’53 (Best Direction of a Play, Luv, The Odd Couple)
1964Mike Nichols, EX’53 (Best Direction of a Play, Barefoot in the Park)


National Humanities Medals

2010Philip Roth, AM’55
2009William Hardy McNeill, LAB’34, AB’38, AM’39
2006James M. Buchanan Jr., PhB’48
2005Walter Berns, AM'51, PhD’53
Mary Ann Glendon, AB’59, JD’61, MCL’63
2004Gertrude Himmelfarb, AM’44, PhD’50
2002Thomas Sowell, PhD’68
2001Eileen Jackson Southern, AB’40, AM’41
2000Earl Shorris, EX’54
1997Luis Leal, AM’41, PhD’50
Martin E. Marty, PhD’56
Studs Terkel, PhB’32, JD’34
1992Allan Bloom, PhB’49, AM’53, PhD’55


National Medals of Arts

2001Mike Nichols, EX’53
1998Philip Roth, AM’55
1989Katherine Dunham, PhB’36
1988Saul Bellow, EX’39


National Medals of Science

Behavioral & Social Science
2012Robert Axelrod, AB’64
2000Gary S. Becker, AM'53, PhD’55
1996Paul A. Samuelson, AB’35
1988Milton Friedman, AM’33
1987George Stigler, PhD’38
1986Chen Ning Yang, PhD’48
Herbert A. Simon, AB’36, PhD’43


Biological Sciences
1998Janet D. Rowley, LAB’42, PhB’45, SB’46, MD’48
1997James Dewey Watson, PhB’46, SB’47
1989Roger Sperry, PhD’41
1988Maurice R. Hilleman, PhD’44


Mathematics & Computer Science
2001Elias M. Stein, AB’51, SM’53, PhD’55
2000John Griggs Thompson, SM’56, PhD’59
1991Alberto Calderón, PhD’50
1989Saunders Maclane, SM’31
1983Isadore M. Singer, SM’47, PhD’50
1967Paul J. Cohen, SM’54, PhD’58


Physical Sciences
1999James W. Cronin, SM’53, PhD’55
1988Jack Steinberger, SB’42, PhD’49
1969Herbert C. Brown, SB’36, PhD’38
1963Luis Alvarez, SB’32, SM’34, PhD’36


Presidential Medals of Freedom

2016Richard Garwin, SM’48, PhD’49
2014Mildred Dresselhaus, PhD’59
Abner Mikva, JD’51
Patsy Takemoto Mink, JD’51
2012John Paul Stevens, LAB’37, AB’41
2009Janet D. Rowley, LAB’42, PhB’45, SB’46, MD’48
2007Gary S. Becker, AM’53, PhD’55
2003James Q. Wilson, AM’57, PhD’59
2002Katharine Graham, AB’38
1977James Dewey Watson, PhB’46, SB’47