Taking part in your local alumni club or an affinity group is a great way to meet and forge relationships with other intellectually curious, accomplished individuals—your fellow UChicago alumni, parents, friends, and families. Clubs and groups make it easy to connect with alumni from every school or division.

Why get involved? To learn about UChicago events and gatherings in your area. Grow your personal and professional networks. Give back to UChicago through volunteering. Put your leadership skills to use energizing alumni in your community and strengthening their—and your—connections to UChicago. Those are just a few reasons. Find your own (and many more) through your local club or group.

A Global Community

Your fellow alumni can be found in cities and towns across the United States and in every corner of the globe. No matter where you go, from Albany to Italy to Zimbabwe, you can always find someone who speaks your language: Chicago.