You’ve experienced firsthand—or through your child, your family, or friends—the distinctive, transformative nature of a UChicago education. Help others have the same experience by joining 11,000 fellow UChicago volunteers to share your skill, knowledge, and experience.

Regularly volunteering just a few hours of your time provides valuable support to the community, your peers, future students, and the ongoing vitality of the University. Explore the many ways you can contribute based on your passions and availability—or let us know how we can create one just for you.

Ways to Help

Connect with Students

Help ensure the success of future leaders—and the University—by connecting with current and prospective students.

Support An Area or Initiative

Reach out to specific offices in the University that interest you most.

Get Involved With Your Class

Working with other alumni from your era offers excellent networking opportunities with alumni, faculty, and staff at the University, and often leads to other volunteer leadership opportunities.

Make a Difference in the Community

Learn about some of the volunteer and service programs that enhance the health, skills, and well-being of all our neighbors.

Volunteer with Clubs & Groups

The alumni clubs and affinity groups are led by local volunteers with the support of the Alumni Association. Local clubs and groups are always looking for new volunteers to help create, plan, and staff events across the country and around the world.