Wisr (pronounced "wiser") makes it easy for alumni like you to connect with and guide current students toward a fulfilling career path through automated matching, scheduling, and follow-up communications.

We believe that 30 minutes of conversation with the right adviser can change a student’s life. It’s simple—you provide the advice students need, and we provide the platform. Leave the hassle of scheduling to us!

Share your success by sharing a little of your time.

Successful alumni are the most valuable asset a school can offer its current students. Sharing your experience sheds light on industries that students may have never heard of or career paths they might not have considered. By sharing just a little bit of your time, you can help students get on the right track, early in their college career. Wisr lets students request 15—30 minute conversations with you to learn about your journey. You can help out as often as you’d like, on your own schedule.

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